The corona crisis has shaken all kind of systems and structures, the economic structure, the education of all ages and of course the health and social systems. Norwegian society is now beginning to open up and the feeling of crisis is less intense these days. It is therefore time to stop and do a deep dive into our body and soul to explore the inner landscapes. Are there new personal or collective discoveries to be heard?
In this livetalk I am inviting 4 guests to participate in sharing their personal reflections and professional reactions. Psychiatrist Finn Skårderud, Actress and activist Iselin Shumba, directrice of documentary Nefise Øzkal Lorentzen and a former diplomat and lawyer Michael Rummelhoff.
The conversations are in english to help us keep an international perspective. I have also invited some artists from the “underground scene» here in Oslo, to help us to stay in touch with our body and soul during the event.

Here you can see the first part of the Body and Souls show where Iselin Shumba, well known actress and activist in Norway shares her experiences with the coronacrisis.
Emilie Dahlen, a swedish dancer and performer gives us a beautiful cover version of Nina Simones`s «Feeling Good» at the opening of the show.
Adonis, cohost and rap artist from Norway with origins from Turqey performs his own song «Blood» at the end of this talk.

In this conversation we explore how stories can mirror dangers like racisme and despotisme with documentary director Nefise Øzkal Lorentzen.
What is happening if we take time to and listen to both our sorrows
and the music of life?
The cuban composer and singer Yosi Coronado is giving us the rhythm of the lovely lovelife.

In this talk we explore the body`s reactions to shock and crisis through the voice of the lawyer Michael Rummelhoff. The voice of a young woman, Tora Malene Nordstørm, follows us through this talk, to help us contain the pain.

Finn Skårderud is one of the most wellknown psychiatrist in Norway.
I invited him to talk about his bodily reactions and his inner soul feelings about the coronacrisis.
My young cohost Benjamin Adonis is asking very good questions about exclusion and hate.
To end the whole show the all inclusive breakdance group «Floorknights» performed acrobatic moves to remind us how souls and bodies are connected. If we are brave enough to let them be in contact.

Here you have the podcast version of the conversation with Finn Skårderud. You will find the beautiful voice of Tora Malene Nordstrøm at the end of the podcast.